Hot & Cold Water Cooler Dispensers for Home or Business in the UK

Choose Bellews for all your Water Needs

Installed by fully trained and certified engineers, our hot and cold water cooler dispensers offer the perfect solution for both the home and workplace.

We supply a wide range of water dispenser machines that use state-of-the-art technology and have industry certification. As well as receiving free installation, you can expect a friendly and professional service, helpful advice, ongoing aftercare and timely maintenance checks.

Why Install a Water Cooler?


It’s no secret that the body needs water to survive and function properly so it’s vital to stay hydrated. Filtered water has become a necessity in the workplace – not only does it encourage staff to keep a healthy body, it can also help the brain function properly.

Cost Effective

Initially, you may think that investing in a water cooler dispenser is an unnecessary cost, but have you ever considered that it could actually increase productivity in the workplace? Not only does it help towards the health of your staff, it also offers a short break to clear the head and feel rejuvenated. And just think; the healthier your staff, the happier they are in the workplace and the less likely they are to take sick days!

Tap Water Vs The Water Cooler

OK, so you might argue that your staff can simply nip to the kitchen and fill up a glass from the tap, but very often this can be poor tasting water due to a lack of filtration. Each of our water dispensers guarantees the best purification and filtration systems, which meet the highest standards and eliminate chlorine, lead and foul tastes.

Comprehensive Servicing

We offer a full range of sanitation services as well as ongoing maintenance to keep your dispenser and water in tip-top condition. View our range of services.

24-7 Call Outs

We understand how much you rely on your water cooler, which is why we offer a round-the-clock call-out service to repair or maintain your machine.

Call us on 0151 922 8003/0161 736 9673 to arrange a call out.

Find the Perfect Water Dispenser

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Industries that we serve include:

Education– Help keep students hydrated so they can perform to their best.

Offices– Watch your team excel in the workplace when they have unlimited access to great tasting, chilled water.

Healthcare– Take even greater care of your patients and their visitors by providing them with purified water.

Factories– Keep your workforce hydrated. Motivated and happy with high quality water.

Hospitality– Rent or buy one of our cold water cooler dispensers for events, business meetings and reception areas.

Leisure– If you run a leisure centre, health club or gym, our water dispensers are perfect for keeping your customers feeling revitalised.

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